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25 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Under 40 Who Are Creating the Next Big Thing

"If you want to be successful, study someone who is and find out how they did it. You may not be able to create the next Snapchat but you can build the next big thing. And that’s the point."

Below you will find 25 people, all under 40, to watch and draw inspiration from. They come from all sectors and sizes, but the one common thread among them is they saw what was being done and did it differently. As an entrepreneur, you have to be different. You have to defy convention. You have to look at the world, at some problem, and say, “There has to be a better way.”

3. Johnny Brann Jr., Owner, Kitchen 67

"Earlier this year, Brann’s restaurant was deemed the “Best Sandwich To Definitely Try Before You Die” by The Huffington Post. But what this third-generation restauranteur and philanthropist is really known for is his introduction of high-tech into the restaurant industry.

Restaurants all over the world, as well as companies like Apple and Verizon, consult with Brann who was the first to introduce touch-screen ordering systems at every booth years ago and has now been the first to introduce wireless inductive charging at every table. Set your phone, laptop or tablet on the table and it starts charging, no matter the device.

“At some point the rest of the industry catches up,” Brann said. “But we welcome collaboration. When you come to a restaurant, you come for an experience. It’s the little things, like having a fully-charged phone, that can leave a big impression.”"

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